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Monash Councillors do not understand Good Governance?

When a Mayor uses his private blog as an official communication channel  for Council affairs (see the Monash Bulletin, Jan 2014, Page 3, that is certainly a deliberate violation of good governance. Monash Council has confirmed that the Mayor’s private blog is not a Council resource.  This incident may suggest  that the Mayor may have breached the Local Government (LG) Act’s  Section 76BA – General Councillor conduct principles and Section 76D Misuse of position; and Council Administration has been slack in their corporate governance responsibility to allow the mix up of private and public communication resources. As a Mayor who is in a legal profession and has Board experiences, not realizing this act of conflict of interest is not quite a convincing excuse.

Mayor Message

Source: Page 3 of  Monash Bulletin, Jan 2014

In the same newsletter (see Page 6), another Councillor has also possibly breached  the LG) Act’s Section 76BA – General Councillor conduct principlesSection 76D Misuse of position when he has been perceived publicly to directly and indirectly promote his personal  allegiance for the ALP, with subtle contexts to bag the current state government and attempting to influence readers on certain political party / state government support in coming elections via Monash communique. This is a seasoned Councillor doing this sort of thing, not a new and naive Councillor.

Councillor Message

Source: Page 6 of  Monash Bulletin, Jan 2014

Should the community deserve what seems to be manipulative leadership behaviours to prevail and have Monash Council affairs indicated and influenced by dominating Councillors’ preference for political party support? It looks as though Monash Council is starting the ALP’s state election campaign using ratepayers funded resources. Is this the ethical and quality standard of political leadership and advocacy that the ALP wants to be associated with? We hope not, ie if they want public creditability and hence a fair chance to win the State Election in Monash wards.


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