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As part of good governance oversee, MRI checks the quality of new initiatives that translate to future services for ratepayers

Hence, MRI also responds to Monash Council’s “Have your say” public consultation requests.

community voiceWhen we develop the responses, we research the evidence and consult members of the community if and when needed. If we find any issues and gaps in the Council’s community consultation papers, we try to recommend solution options for Council to consider exploring to find the appropriate closures.

Below is a list of MRI response submissions:

  1. Council Draft Budget and Council Plans’s reviews – click summary oral presentation and Full Report
  2. Innovation 2Council’s Draft Economic Development Strategy 2013 – 2017  – Click here for the detailed MRI response.

    Summary of Review Highlights: The draft strategy plan duplicated concepts from the last planning cycle’s 2008-2012 strategy plan, the quality of duplication is unnecessary very poor. The key weaknesses are:

    • It lacks understanding of the requirements of regional strategy plan it is supposed to localize implementation in Monash
    • It has no clarity of doable integration alignment details with the City’s vision
    • Its functional role and responsibilities / service charter are unclear and focuses on implementing the Economic Development Strategy Plan (EDSP)
    • It has no measurable objectives (whose description should not include implementation actions)
    • Its SWOT analysis is poor and the resulting findings are not represented in and affected the quality of the formulation of strategic directions and goals
    • It offers no strategic value or competitive advantage to the business community.

    A strategy plan states measurable objectives that do not include implementation actions. Implementation planning is a usually separate exercise after strategy planning. If it is to be documented in a strategy plan, it is written as a major section, not necessarily always grouped actions for every objective stated.

    As Council is a public service organisation, it should start considering following State and Federal Government practices in using program logic techniques in its strategy and service planning. Program logic helps conceptually link objectives to outputs and outcomes. MRI is aware that a Monash Officer is already involved in the State Local Government reform for using this approach to improve performance management. This conceptual framework identifies the planning or service processes involved in transforming inputs into outputs and outcomes in order to achieve the stated objectives, and also clarifies the KPI structures and metric choices.

    Strategies are NOT about planning operational work and task breakdown, but identifying the different location based competition structural changes and positioning approaches, for example strategies or programs for:

    • Increasing the productivity and innovation capacity of Monash businesses,
    • Creating sustaining factor conditions that contribute to facilitating Monash businesses create core competencies
    • Developing complimentary business ecosystems or strategic clustering that also localise the implementation of the regional SEMIP;  and
    • Creating or increasing regional and international demand factors for Monash businesses.
    • Partnering with government agencies and industries, or access government grants  to increase the competitive performance, direct investments and internationalisation of Monash businesses.

    There is a big quality gap between the 2008-2012 and 2013-2017 strategy plans. Significant improvements is required for the final version.

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