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Issue 3: 

Save Monash & Elizabeth Gardens – click here for details. MRI’s role is to give the residents of these residential aged care facilities, and their carers and families access to MRI incorporated platform and have a community voice about their local issues. This involves facilitating community learning & the use of good governance approaches to problem solving of & decision making involved in resolving their local issues with Council. On 14 Aug 2013, MRI submitted a response to the Council’s public notice to sell the lands of Monash Gardens. Click here to access the submission.

Issue 2:

BP PreschoolMulgrave WardCar AccidentBrandon Park Preschool parents, carers and their young children are continuously at risk of being injured during school drop offs and pickups.  This danger is almost 10 years old today (3 Apr 2013) and no government authority had given a damn about the matter.Kinder drop-off 1 The matter concerns the lack of car parking space for dropping off and picking up young children enrolled in the Collegium Avenue kindergarten. In the past, this issue did not exist as the no longer existing Brandon Park Secondary School provided adequate drop off zone. In addition to Council, residents and the preschool representatives had approached all their State members of Parliaments, the Education Department and no authority showed commitment or interest in addressing this safety risk. Brandon Park, a designated Activity Centre is developing fast and this safety risk is increasingly growing with more traffic flows and pre-school enrolments.Injured Child The local community is very concerned that one day someone would be injured or die prematurely if the community safety risk is not addressed. Residents are very aware that they have civil rights to:

    • The Victorian Charter of Human Rights & Responsibilities, section 17 that expects our society and State to protect families and children;
    • The Victorian Public Health and Well Being Act, section 4 that says the State and its local government have responsibilities to ensure public health, which includes the “absence of disease, illness, injury, disability or premature death and the collective state of health and wellbeing”.

Lease AgreementOn the 2 April 2013, the Brandon Park Action Group  met with Mayor Drieberg and reminded her of this long standing and growing community risk and other local infrastructures issues. MRI President Des Olin was present and proposed that the newly elected Council should advocate on behalf of the local community and negotiate a small payment / “peppercorn”  leasing arrangement from the Education Department, to avail crown land for developing 30 car parks for preschool drop offs and pickups.MRI will follow further dialogue with Mayor Drieberg to confirm her support for mitigating this growing community risk and aims to meet with her and agree a project timeline for taking actions, commencing with making an appointment with the Education Department to discuss the MRI proposed leasing arrangement.

Issue 1:

Mulgrave Ward –  Air pollution iconMedoro Grove‘s air & noise pollution / permit planning issue: this unresolved issue is more than 6 months old (as at 19 Jan 2013) and is currently being escalated. Case background: The residents of Medoro Grove and Woolwich Drive in Mulgrave have been burden with  unresolved air and noise pollution (24 hours X 7 days) for many years. The company causing the issues is Kirk Industries. Last mid year, residents have advised Council staff about their dilemma several times. Council then passed the matter to EPA to resolve. Residents later discovered that Council is planning to give the company a retroactive permit approval for the illegal chimney stacks (which they put up several months ago without a permit). The residents had expressed no objection if there is authority commitment to fix the problems of noise and air pollution that also occurring outside business hours. They are concerned of ongoing effects on their health.In early November 2012, they escalated the matter to the Mayor, Cr Michaela Drieberg,  who delegated to the Planning Director to respond to the residents on her behalf. The respond resulted in a standstill situation, as Council indicated that resolution is out their control and is referred to EPA for  followup. EPA cannot confirm the pollution issues because they do not have the testing equipment/s nor the funds to acquire new ones.Between Dec 2012 -Feb 2013, MRI assisted the Medora Grove residents to escalate the matter to the Council CEO, who then visited the site. She later ensured review of the matter during the Feb 2013 Council meeting.MRI had advised the residents of their civil rights to health and well being, a functional responsibility that Council is accountable under the Victorian Public Health & Well Being Act, section 24.During the Feb Council meeting, the Planning Director said that because the matter was referred to EPA, resolution management is outside the control of Council. New Cr Davies has consulted the residents about the matter and during the Council meeting he proposed recommending amendment to call on “the Minister for Environment and Climate Change and the Environmental Protection Authority be requested to investigate the concerns raised by residents and the Council in respect to noise, odour, and public health and to provide Council with written advice and evidence based analysis within (3) months“. This motion was supported – a successful interim milestone achievement for the residents.MRI is pleased that Councillors who voted for Cr Davies’ motion exercised their duty of care, hence complying to the Victorian Public Health & Well Being Act, section 24. For details – visit the Waverley Leader’ article , dated 27 Feb, 2013.

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