Complaints & Complements

How to lodge Council Complaints and Complements

Complaints 2NSW has such a standard, which is a useful guide to help ratepayers lodge complaints and understand the organisational procedures for managing the inflows, processing and responding to complaint-initiators – click here to access it. While the standard does not apply in Victoria, it does give you some ideas of what is involved inside the organisation. One day, improvements will facilitate such a standard in Victorian Council.

Complaints 4

Victoria has no complaint management standards for its Councils.

Customer Service 5Monash Council has basic procedural guidelines for lodging complaints – click here. With the new CEO in charge, Monash Council is committed to continuously improving its customer service and service quality, and will aim to respond to your complaint or inquiry quickly.

Did you know that you can also use complaint systems to also lodge complements, which is a good thing to appreciate your Council when they have done a good job too?

If you think that your complaint was not effectively processed by the Council, you can forward your complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman – click here to do that.


An overview of complaints management system – the World Vision Model

 Complaints Process - World Vision

Invitation to Anyone Interested

Cloud apps 1MRI has earmarked future plans to develop  complaints/complements “cloud apps” accessible for use in mobile and PC devices anywhere anytime for ratepayers, and with data mining and analytical reporting capabilities for ratepayers, Councils and State Governments? Anyone interested to sponsor and/or assist in development, please contact us at monash ratepaters at gmail.

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