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Monash Ratepayers Association confident of taking seats

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Monash Ratepayers Association confident of taking seats

20 Sep 12 @ 02:08pm by Tim Michell

Monash Ratepayers Association president Des Olin will contest next month's council elections.

Monash Ratepayers Association president Des Olin will contest next month’s council elections.

THE first names to represent the Monash Ratepayers Association in this year’s council elections have emerged.

Association president Des Olin and vice-president Chan Cheah will run under the ratepayer’s banner, while Mt Waverley resident Damian Lobo and Mulgrave ward candidate Robert Davies will run as independents with its backing.

Mr Olin and Ms Cheah will also run in the Mulgrave ward, providing competition for Cr Paul Klisaris and Cr Micaela Drieberg who have declared they will stand again.

It remains unclear whether the third Mulgrave councillor, Charlotte Baines, will run for re-election.

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Mr Lobo will run in the Glen Waverley ward, in the hope of filling the spot left vacant by outgoing Cr Greg Male.

Mr Olin said the group was confident of taking “at least a few” seats on council.

“I’ve said it a thousand times, but people out there in the community are hurting,” Mr Olin said.

He said the group would push for a freeze on rate rises for the next 12 months should any of their candidates be elected.

Nominations for council elections opened today and close next Tuesday.

The Monash Council election will be decided by postal vote, with votes due by October 26.

As first reported by the Waverley/Oakleigh Monash Leader, Cr Male, Cr Denise McGill and Cr Joy Banerji will not seek re-election.

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Windfall from errant voters

Click here  for the original Monash Weekly source:By DANIEL TRAN, Sept. 14, 2012, 7:09 p.m.

MONASH council raked in $326,309 in fines from thousands of forgetful or lazy locals who neglected to send in their votes during the previous election.

The Victorian Electoral Commission, which was contracted by Monash to enforce voting, slugged 6849 residents with fines for failing to vote at the 2008 council elections.

Voters are initially given the benefit of the doubt and asked to provide excuses for not voting.

But anyone whose excuses didn’t make the cut, including those who didn’t respond, copped a $56 fine.

The council later retracted 1095 notices after speaking to non-voters.

Voting is compulsory at a council election for residents on the state electoral roll. Residents aged over 70 are encouraged to vote, as are non-resident property owners, but will not be fined if they don’t.

Monash council will use a postal voting system that is expected to cost about $442,000.

Ballot packs will be mailed to residents between October 9 and 11 and have to lodge them with the council’s returning officer before voting closes at 6pm on Friday, October 26.

Nominations will open this Thursday for the council election and will stay open until noon on Tuesday, September 25. Councillors Tom Morrissey, Micaela Drieberg, Paul Klisaris, Geoff Lake, Stephen Dimopoulos and Jieh-Yung Lo have already announced that they’ll contest their seats. Mayor Stefanie Perri also said she would be running.

Councillors Greg Male, Joy Banerji and Denise McGill confirmed they would not stand.

Cr Charlotte Baines was the only councillor who declined to say whether she would run.

The Monash Ratepayers have already vowed to try and contest the election in every ward.

President Des Olin said that the level of communication between current councillors and the community was “found wanting” and it was time for new blood.

“We’ll be trustworthy in providing transparency, providing the true character of what Monash wants in the muncipality,” he said.

“We need to have the community consulted on what’s going on.”

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Welcome to Monash Ratepayers Inc.

Quick Intro:

MRI is part of the Victorian Portfolio of Ratepayers Australia incorporated. We advocate for ratepayers and residents in Monash.  Our Monash advocacy interests are about (a) assuring good governance in Council affairs; (b) ensuring and sustaining affordable rates and best value municipal services; (c) building capacity for our Monash community. Click ABOUT US to find out more.

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