Good Governance Cases

Applying the Australian Government’s public sector governance guide in a Local Government context:

  • Governance aims to ensure that a Council achieves its overall outcomes in manners that enhance confidence in the organisation, its decisions and actions, not just administrative compliance to legislative systems.
  • Good governance is when all stakeholders of a Council, especially its community, can rely on the Council to do its work well and with full probity and accountability. This will require a Council to demonstrate
    • Performance for delivering outputs (goods, services or programs) and consequential outcomes (stakeholders’ (especially community’s) benefits
    • Conformance for ensuring compliance to the law, regulations, published standards and community expectations of probity, accountability and openness (transparency)
    • Risk management  for providing assurance that the Council service delivery and compliance execution activities will enable it to achieve its objectives with an acceptable degree of residual risk.

Case exemplars include:

  • A Sydney Council letting its ratepayers decide spending – click here
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