New Directions for MRI

Effective from 9 Sep 2017, MRI is no longer a chapter of the Eastern Ratepayers group.Its new strategic directions no longer align with those of the Eastern Ratepayers group.

MRI has decided to play a more value adding role in developing ratepayers and residents capacity building, from local to national impact. MRI has joined Ratepayers Australia Inc (incorporated A0100027J) to contribute to the future-proofing of good governance in councils. It will operate as part of Ratepayers Australia’s Victorian portfolio and upscale its local advocacy capacity building and performance  as a professional local peak body in ratepayers and residents’ representation, as Monash’s new professional community of practice in ratepayers/residents advocacy development and the future-proofing of good governance in Monash council.

MRI is officially a chapter of Ratepayers Australia, collaborating with several ratepayer leaders to share governance scrutiny information about councils across the state.


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