Update #1 : Glen Waverley Central Car Park Redevelopment


A week later after the 16 Dec 2015 community meeting with about 60 Monash residents and ratepayers, Cr Lake denied saying he supported the JMMS proposal.

He defended his position, saying that Council does not have limitless funds and requires to examine cost effective outcomes for redeveloping the central car park, which would involve selling the land to fund building a new library, a personal wish that he made into an election promise in 2012, which today, majority of his constituents do not or no longer want nor support.

While Cr Lake is almost personally obsessed to build a new library in Glen Waverley, Monash constituents are also making clear to him and other Monash Councillors that they want to participate and have a fair and balanced say in the final decision making on the development of the Central Car Park Land. This means that Council has to effectively engage with its constituents to:

  • Identify all possible solution and funding options for redeveloping the central car park, not just proposing one set of  solution and funding options as is now;
  • Develop unbiased decision criteria and matrix for choosing the “best value” set of solution and funding options.

Until these governance issues are resolved, the Monash community continues to view their engagement with council as highly controlled, in order to allow biased decision making to go through.

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