Coalition of Concerned Ratepayers

COCRMRI has lead the formation of the Coalition of Concerned Ratepayers (COCR).

COCR represents a strategic consortium of ratepayers and groups collaborating to improve governance and best practices in Councils. It aims to:

  1. Educate ratepayers about Victorian Local Government;
  2. Empower them with the knowledge, resources and tools, and networks to effectively:
  • Deliver good State reforms locally to ensure real benefits for the community
  • Check compliance to the Local Government Act (1989) and other good governance policies and guides.
  • Participate in reforms and champion continuous improvements of their Councils.

Its first task is responding to the DPCD’s Draft Local Government Performance Reporting Framework & Indicators – Working Paper, May 2103. Click here for the COCR feedback report.

The discussion areas are about:

  • The LGPRF objective
  • Stakeholders participation – the missing party
  • Improving performance management – a system approach
  • Financial & governance performance
  • Sustainability indicators framework
  • Miscellaneous stakeholder perspectives of performance indicators.

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