MRI’s Position on Bullying Behaviours

BullyMessage from President to All Councillors

(Sent Out 3 May 2013 ):

“Recently, I received several phone calls of complaints regarding a breach of the code of conduct when one Councillor defame / insult another at a personal level during discussions about university cuts.  In past years, your behaviours were often out of line with the code of conduct compliance. However, over the last 2-3 months, behaviours have improved significantly and appropriate behaviours were sustaining until Tuesday  during the last Council Meeting.

 MRI is cautioning everyone that the Monash community will not tolerate further bullying and rude behaviours during future public meetings, communications and engagements. We also expect future meeting chairing  prevent  such incidents from reoccurring.

 Council is not the place for Parliamentary like debates and bipartisan political issues and conflict interplays – under the Local Government Act, you are here to ensure service delivery and quality management matters for the community while fostering peace, order and good government of Monash.

 This sort of bullying behaviour not only reflects but also tarnishes the organisation culture and brand image of Monash Council. As community members, we do not and will not sanction bullying attitudes, especially  among our Councillors.

 The CEO is trying hard to establish a high quality customer service culture and outcomes for the Council, and such negative public behaviours will only erode and curtail the good work of Council officers and any progress of this good quality improvement program.  Furthermore the incident has also degraded good governance practice in Council. 

We will continue to monitor Councillors’ behaviours and if behavioural improvements do not continue, we will not hesitate to use the necessary state policy actions and complaint systems to stop future continuing bullying offenders.

Bully 2Thank You,

Des Olin,


Monash Ratepayers Incorporation.”

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